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Mount Kenya

5 days Sirimon - Sirimon Treks

Climb and descend through the most liked route. Detailed Itinerary

5 Days Up Sirimon Route down Chogoria route

This trek begins in ancient African forest and continues into a gentle climb to point Lenana. The Chogoria descent is steep but magnetically picturesque. Detailed Itinerary

5 Days NARUMORO ASCENT challenge

This route has a gentle culmination to the peak, and will take you through sweeping valleys and into stunning scenery. Narumoro route can also be combined with any other descent if you wish to see another side of this majestic mountain.- Detailed Itinerary

7 DAYS TIMAU- CHOGORIA ROUTE - This is a rugged route with mostly camping accommodation. Mostly used by the Kenyan Armed Forces during training this could be an ideal trek for a wilderness mountain adventurer, abseiling into splendid scenery. (See detailed itinerary)

Mount Kenya - DAY TRIP

7am - Transfer from your Nanyuki hotel to Sirimon Park Gate. Nanyuki town is at an altitude of 1950m and Sirimon park gate is 2635m. Once we have registered at the gate, we can begin our 3- 4 hour hike through the tropical rain forest blending into a Bamboo forest and then onto the Giant Heath and Moorlands before we reach Old Moses Camp at 3300m. Here we can have a hot drink and snacks before continuing onto the Viewpoint at 4000m, a further 2 hour climb upwards. On this trek you will see most mountain flora and fauna, the most striking being the Giant Groundsels and the Everlasting Flower. At our leisure, we can head down to Old Moses Camp for a picnic lunch, before returning to the Park Gate where our vehicle will be waiting to transfer us back to Nanyuki. Contact Us


1-2 DAYS (depending on experience) - Rock climbing the peaks of Mt. Kenya will promise you a sensational experience and the ultimate, soaring views. Our specialist alpine guide is one of Kenya's most elite climbers; a KWS Rescue Guide, he has led many rescue team in this mountain, and often takes film crews to these spectacular heights. The season for rock climbing is the driest months of the year between December and March, and even inexperienced adventurers with a lust for heights and sights can take to the thrilling crown of Mount Kenya. Details

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