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Mount Elgon

Mount Elgon Itineraries

Side of Western Kenya
Mount Elgon is an extinct volcano with the largest surface area in the world being 50 by 80 kilometres and has an enormous crater which covers 40 kilometres at the top of the mountain. The land around Mt. Elgon is highly fertile and is known for cultivating excellent quality coffee. Detailed Itinerary

Uganda side Mt. Elgon Ascent-Mt. Elgon Kenya descent- Mt. Elgon NP- Lake Bogoria- Lake Nakuru NP Safari
Mt. Elgon's highest point is Wagagai Peak at 4, 321m and stands over the border of Kenya and Uganda. The most commonly used route is from the Kenyan side, though it is also possible to cross the Kenyan-Ugandan border in the mountain and descend into Uganda, or to ascend Mt. Elgon from the Ugandan side to finish over the Kenyan border. This Uganda- Kenya trek will take you along the rim of the world's largest volcanic crater. Detailed itinerary

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