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Tracks Berg Travel About Us

We specialize in all types of safaris and holiday vacations. Our professional Driver/Tour guides are bilingual, fluent in Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Italian, French and German.

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Best Destinations Choicest safari attractions

We have selected the best destinations for your East Africa holidays that combine wildlife, adventure, cultural and scenic attractions in all the premier East Africa and Southern Africa safari countries.


Accommodation Your budget Options

Choice either luxury accommodation in either lodge or camps options plus mobile camping or mid luxury lodges in the destinations you want to visit. The idea is that your accommodation determines the cost of your safari.

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We offer scheduled departures to various destinations across Kenya. If you're planning a safari (or just dreaming about it), we have Carefully chosen the best safari destinations to maximize on your holiday and more.

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Peace on Earth and Goodwill from Kenya !!

If there was one single unforgettable image in the world’s press during the past year, it was the sight of a remarkable relationship that blossomed in the wilds of Samburu, Northern Kenya.

Headlines hailed as a miracle the friendship between a fully-grown Lioness and a tiny frail Oryx calf. The lion, who has since become known by local Samburu rangers as Kamuniak adopted the calf as her own cub and raised it- letting it return to take milk from its mother.

This bizarre reversal of predator-prey relationship was dismissed by experts as a freak occurrence, and after another lion killed the calf, insisted it was a once in a lifetime occurrence.

They were wrong- and over the course of 2002, Kamuniak was to adopt 4 separate Oryx calves- and was last seen in the company of another.

For countless visitors to Kenya, this has been a chance to experience nature at its most enigmatic, unpredictable and wonderful.

Perhaps this mystery will never be solved- but in a world where peace and understanding is a precious commodity- it has shown that sometimes- peace can exist in the most remarkable, and impossible circumstances.

At this special time of year, the Kenya Tourist Board sends all of our visitors, past, present and future the very best wishes for a happy and blessed season- and for peace and goodwill to all life on earth.



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