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Ugandan Parks



It is one of the most accessible reserve in Uganda, The 1,978km2 is at the foot hills of the Ruwenzori Mountains, it also borders Lake Edward to the west and Kigezi Wildlife Reserve to the south. Queen Elizabeth National reserve is mostly savanna but also has large areas of swamp. It supports at least 10 crater Lakes, diverse wildlife, birdlife and Flora and fauna. Some of the attractions include The semi-aquatic Sitatunga, over 100 mammal species, 600 species of birds, Lake Edward,Ishasha plains,Ishasha River gorge. Activities include, chimpanzee tracking in Chambura gorge,forest walks.


Kibale National park is 766km2 , located in south of the capital Kampala. It’s a nature enthusiasts haven. This park is highly alluring due to its abundance in over 60 mammal species, rainforest and particularly rich in primates, with thirteen species recorded. Activities include, guided forest walks, bird walks,Mpanga waterfalls.


This park is located in the Murchison falls conservation area and is the largest protected park in Uganda,  an area of 3,840km2.  It supports Budongo Forest and Karuma wildlife. The park is divide into two by the mighty river Nile with both north and south of the park having different vegetation cover,green grasslands, riverine woodland and forested respectively. Attractions include, The Murchison falls. Wildlife, Karuma falls, game viewing on the delta circuit, Nile river launch trip.


Lake Mburo is 260km2 and it’s one of the smallest parks in Uganda. This impressive park supports  5 lakes of which Lake Mburo is the largest, most of the park is also covered by open savannas and acacia woodlands. Lake Mburo harbours several species of wildlife and over 320 species of birds.Activities include Boat trips, game drives and guided walks to any part of the park.



The 996km2  National park protects the upper slopes of the Ruwenzori Mountains which run for almost 120 km along the Congo border.  The Ruwenzori Mountains also known as ‘ Mountains of the moon’ is the highest mountain range in Africa, standing at 5,109m the Margherita and 5,083 the Alexandra. This Mountantaneous park supports a diversity of animals and over180 species of birds, attractions also include the Angola colobus, black and white colobus, Ruwenzori Turaco, servalline genet, giant forest hogs. Activities include hiking , climbing, guided walks.


Bwindi National park is located in the south of Uganda, 350 Km2 ,  it is a true rainforest that is regarded to be one of the most diverse forests in Africa, It is the source of five major rivers that flow into Lake Albert. Tourism in Bwindi focuses on Gorilla tracking, more than half of the Mountain Gorillas reside in Bwindi.  This park also supports  close to 130 animal species, substantial number of primates- Chimpanzee, red and blue tailed monkeys, and a total of 350 species of Birds.


Bujagali Falls has quite an impressive series of rapids downriver towards the source of the Nile, it is regarded as the most exhilarating white Rafting Route. The surrounding scenery is quite relaxed with birds and monkeys chirping in the woodlands








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